The Brand

FIXMAN has a storied history against the backdrop of a young ambitious nation.

In 1979 , Mr Bao Ruiyi , one of the first generation entrepreneurs in Chinese Reform.Opening up a workshop for Household Electrical Appliances. Those days is a special period  for China just undergo Cultural Revolution,  Only with Courage & Ambitions can peple start business. Two decades later ,Another entrepreneur,Mr Bao Jian gang - son of Mr Bao Ruiyi ,who invented the first two-tone pliers handle in his workshop 


In 1995, Ningbo JJTools Company was established by Mr Jiang Gang Bao , with ambitious to build china’ own world famous Hand tools brand , He patented his new idea and called it FIXMAN 

It was the beginning of what would become chinese tool industry leaders

This strategy of growth through acquisition and innovation has been proven with an unparalleled history of breakthrough products. Today FIXMAN professional Tools is a global company with a stable of brands that is the envy of the tool world.


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